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cultivate  to nurture and help grow.

When you cultivate something, you work to make it better.

Shadow Yoga, founded by Shandor Remete, re-introduces the age-old concept of pre-activity (preparatory movements freeing the individual of internal obstructions) with the specific purpose of cultivation of the mind-body practice of the art, craft and science of yoga.
The practice of Shadow Yoga forms (called 'preludes') is efficient and effective for improving breath-awareness while developing flexibility and firmness.

Teacher: Narelle Lullfitz
Narelle was first introduced to Shadow Yoga over ten years ago. In 2006 she met Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga, and Emma Balnaves during their respective brief visits to her hometown of Perth. Narelle was stilled by their teaching, and the steady style of forms introduced to her then. Since becoming a mother in 2007, she has continued to cultivate her practice and learning of Shadow Yoga and Nrtta Sadhana, with ongoing tuition both interstate and overseas. Narelle has been teaching for over three years under the continued guidance of her teachers, Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves.

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